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Why are White Lotus Products and Treatments Different?

White Lotus adheres to a three principle approach to derma roller treatments.

1. White Lotus only use natural substances during all treatments

2. White Lotus recommends the least invasive techniques that will achieve results.

3. White Lotus incorporates the natural principles of oriental medicine into the techniques to make treatments less damaging to the skin and less painful.

Below is a short explanation of each point

Skin needling can dramatically increase the absorption of products through the skin. This increase can be up to 10,000 times. Many of the products currently being used with skin needling can be hazardous when absorbed in larger doses into the blood stream. White Lotus’s products have been shown to assist the induction of collagen, but are so safe they can be taken orally unlike many of our synthetic competitors. In addition, all products contain no sulphates, fillers or preservatives. They are certified by PETA and are organic. This guarantees your safety and results.

White Lotus has extensive experience with the research surrounding derma rollers. Using this research we can recommend the shortest needle length for each condition that will achieve results. Many companies opt for a one size fits all approach and often far more damage is done to the skin than is necessary for an individual condition. White Lotus recommends different needle lengths based on the individuals goals and/ or problems. In addition, as White Lotus has been involved in skin needling for 10 years and have a lot of experience actually using the products in clinic we have developed specialised techniques to assist a variety of conditions and minimise pain. Therapists can learn these techniques in detail at one of our skin needling seminars. Home users can learn about the techniques in our book 'Holistic Microneedling'

The founders of White Lotus originally studied cosmetic skin needling in Australia, China, Malaysia and Singapore before starting the first specialist skin needling clinic in the Southern Hemisphere. Many of the techniques used with the White Lotus skin needling have been adapted from these traditional practices. This has the advantages of allowing you to achieve the results, but also work with the body rather than against it to minimise side-effects and reduce or eliminate pain. In fact in a recent survey of the last 70 therapist students taught in the UK 91% agreed that the skin needling performed on them was not painful.

The differences between the White Lotus approach and conventional medical skin needling

1.    Shorter needles are often used as the shortest needle length that has been scientifically shown to achieve results will be used. This avoids unnecessary skin and subcutaneous tissue damage.

2.    No retinol products are used and natural effective products are used instead. Retinol products increase the side-effects of skin needling by worsening dryness and redness. In addition, their safety in conjunction with the increased absorption of skin needling has not been proven. Despite industry advertising there is also no evidence that retinol products improve the results of skin needling. They may just create unnecessary side-effects and risk.

3.    White Lotus teaches specialised techniques to improve the performance of skin needling. Medical skin needling has largely been taught by specialist trainers who have little experience using the rollers. They teach a one technique fits all conditions approach. In comparison White Lotus techniques allow the individual to work with the natural contours of the body and the flow of the blood stream and acupuncture channels.

4.    No anaesthetic cream is required in most cases if using the correct needle size and techniques. This cannot be achieved with medical skin needling where larger needles and brutal techniques are usually employed whether they are necessary or not.

5.    By eliminating retinol products, using shorter needles where possible and employing good techniques recovery times can be dramatically reduced. This naturally improves your social life or that of your clients.

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