What is Holistic Microneedling

Skin needling has been performed safely for hundreds and even thousands of years in Asia for cosmetic purposes. Tools such as the 7 star needle were used cosmetically for scarring and beauty treatments. This was complemented by traditional techniques such as the jade roller and Gua Sha providing an element of luxury to the treatments. Modern micro needling can be perfectly adapted into the traditional theories and principles of acupuncture. This provides a fantastic holistic therapy with excellent scientific evidence of effectiveness and high patient compliance. We refer to this system as holistic microneedling

By combining the ancient principles of acupuncture with modern micro needling it is possible to treat the skin for scarring. Stretch marks, cellulite, hair loss and Anti Aging using entirely natural techniques. As a cosmetic acupuncturist, it is well known in the industry that using the smallest needles possible achieves the best results. Interestingly research supports the fact that collagen is only inducted up to 0.5-0.6mm deep even when longer needles are used.

Using holistic micro needling techniques it is not necessary to bleed the skin, in fact better results are achieved without it. The patient compliance is also higher as well as a huge reduction in potential side effects that are created by the use of topical retinoids, which typically results in extremely dry and irritated skin. There is no scientific proof that vitamin a (topical retinoids) enhance the treatments. One of the major studies of micro needling demonstrated that you could induce up to a 1,000% increase in collagen without the application of any retinoids.

Due to the increase in Transdermal absorption that occurs with micro needling , holistically it is best to use ingredients that have been tested for a very long time (thousands of years in the case of China) and are known to be safe taken internally. Eastern Asian herbs have the additional advantage of also having been combined with acupuncture for thousands of years demonstrating their safety and effectiveness.

The application of these ancient techniques to modern micro needling increases a clinicians understanding of skin needling. This allows them to perform far more painless skin needling when taught correctly.

It is also fantastic to integrate into modern micro needling techniques that compliment skin needling and that were used alongside cosmetic acupuncture in China. These are principally the use of acupressure, Jade Rollers, Facial Gua Sha and topical herbal serums.