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Skin Type - Black Tourmaline is Suitable for Oily, Normal and Sensitive Skin

Black tourmaline has a deep connection to the earth and the digestion in Chinese medicine. It is ideal for oily, normal or sensitive skin. It is less beneficial for dry aging skin.

Its connection to the earth element and digestion gives tourmaline crystal a unique ability to really lift sagging skin and reduce fluid retention. It is ideal for puffiness around the eyes or for sagging joules. By reducing fluid build up it can benefit oily skin and is also safe for the most sensitive of skin types.

Tourmaline is a beautiful deep black crystal which will tighten and lift your skin to enhance your facial shape and structure while tonifying and nourishing skin sensitivity.

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Acupuncture Meridian - Tourmaline is connected to the Spleen/ Stomach Meridian and Earth Element

Before we begin it is important to note that the organs as understood by the Ancient Chinese are different to those understood in modern Western Medicine. No where is this more important than the understanding of the spleen. While in Western medicine this is a small relatively unimportant organ in Chinese medicine it describes the entire digestive process and the body ability to draw nourishment from food.

Paired with the stomach it is responsible for moving food through the body and providing energy for the day to day living of life.

Tourmaline is an excellent tonic crystal for the digestive system and in particular the spleen and stomach channels. These channels are associated with the earth element. As you can see if you have read the chakra section tourmaline is strongly associated with grounding the body and connecting with the earth in all of these systems.

In Chinese medicine the organs are not fixed physical objects as in western medicine but rather represent a system of correspondences that from the 5 main organs influence every aspect of the body.

The muscles are the tissue associated with the Stomach. If you are suffering muscle weakness or if they cramp or tire easily it is most likely this channel involved.

Weakness of the spleen and stomach is also responsible for the body not lifting and raising energy as it should. Prolapses and hernias for example are often associated with weakness of the spleen and stomach.

From your skins perspective this is the reason tourmaline is believed to so strongly benefit sagging or loose skin that lacks elasticity. It is considered perhaps the best crystal for these purposes.

Each organ is also associated with a specific emotion. Chronic worry, anxiety or over thinking are believed to adversely affect the spleen and stomach. There are obvious parallels in the causes of stomach ulcers in Western medicine.

The Chinese take these correspondences further and so there will be a direct link between long term worry and sagging of the skin.

Weak digestion may also be associated with pale and lustreless skin due to the lack of effective absorption of energy.

Tourmaline is the perfect crystal to nourish the spleen and stomach channel and lift and brighten the skin.

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black tourmaline crystal facial

Chakra - Tourmaline Benefits the Root Chakra

Tourmaline can help balance the root or Muladhara chakra. This chakra sits at the base of the spine and represents our foundation. It is the chakra that connects us to the earth so helping us feel ‘grounded’.

When the root chakra is open we feel confident and able to stand on our own two feet. When it is blocked we often feel threatened like we are on unstable ground and are more likely to feel self conscious, lack drive and over react in unnecessary anger.

The root chakra controls survival issues and and blockage can affect out ability to achieve financial independence or take control of money.

It is associated with the element of the earth in the ancient Indian systems. In Chinese medicine, as we have read above,  the earth element is associated with the acupuncture meridians of the spleen and stomach which dictate our digestion and ability to create energy for ourselves on this earth.

Black Tourmaline is famous for its ability reconnect the spirit with the earth and balance the root chakra. It is naturally magnetic and additionally believed to provide deep psychic protection.

Black tourmaline is ideal to help you regain this connection with the earth making you feel more confident, stable and safe in our world.

Learn more about performing the Tourmaline Crystal Facial at home

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