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Course Testimonials

These Testimonials are from the UK based dermaroller training. For International training testimonails please see the White Lotus website in your country.

"Very Enjoyable and informative"
Michelle Emmott UK

"The Trainer was very knowledgeable and explained the procedure in great detail"
Anna Hyndman Lahna UK

"White Lotus ethos and method is exactly what I have been looking to offer my clients. Especially Anti Aging with a holistic approach- which produces true results"
Laura Davey UK

"Anthony was an excellent trainer- responded to questions and queries well. Fantastic knowledge about the technique, but also about the practicalities. Thank you."
Sue Wilson UK

"Thank you Anthony. You are so knowledgeable and extremely interesting to speak to. Many thanks for a fantastic course. Thoroughly enjoyed it!"
Stefanie Toms UK

"It's great and I would recommend this course to everyone!"
Erika Fernandes UK

"Good hands on approach and good for correcting techniques"
Louise Manby, UK
"I would recommend White Lotus Skin Needling course as it was very comprehensive, ethical and professional.'
Maria Khan, UK

"Very worthwhile, I would recommend to anyone. Felt very relaxed. Many thanks!"
Lynne Gardiner, UK

"Very knowledgable and enjoyable course, very thorough, keen to start treating!"
Wendi Hayden, UK

"A very good experience and I look forward to seeing the results."
Clair, UK

"I am very pleased to attend this course, it's given me a good idea about the products and techniques. The tutor is very experienced and very friendly."
Jacira Marino, UK

"I wanted a derma roller course that would ensure I maintained my professional integrity. White Lotus training did exactly that. A quality, well researched course for the professional practitioner."
Dr K Gallie, UK

"I really enjoyed the course, it was very interesting and informative and I'm really looking forward to my first patient."
Sharon, Sussex, UK

"Excellent course. Everything covered in an easily understood format."
Elaine, Sussex, UK

"What a fantastic training course. I loved the practical hands on experience and think it's a great idea that each of us acted as a model as this enables me as a practitioner to discuss the treatment in more depth and I can talk about my own personal experiences of having the treatment which is beneficial for my business."
Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

"Very in-depth course, lots of practice given. Anthony is a wonderful tutor. One of the best courses I have been on."
Clare Spalding, RGN RMDIPHE BSC (Hons) UK

"Very informative course from a very experienced source. Hands on practice great. Enjoyed the whole course."
Melanie Ryan, Clapham, UK

"For any practitioner wanting to train in dermaroller, I fully recommend Anthony at White Lotus. Excellent value for money and unrivalled training and education."
Elizabeth Robinson, Ireland

“The course and trainer were superb, very precise and thorough.  I would definitely recommend this course. Thank you Anthony.”
Pauline Woods, Cambridge, UK

“Very enjoyable day, very informative, had a great time!!!  I found the training very thorough and feel confident to go out and start immediately.”
Jennifer Dalena, Cambridge, UK

"I use White Lotus products in my clinic as I find their dermarollers to be of the highest quality and their organic serums well formulated and wonderful for the skin"
Body Repairs Clinic, East Sussex, UK

"The Skin Needling Course was a fantastic session which added so much value to my clinic. I am able to offer a holistic anti-aging treatment which each and every one of my clients has enjoyed the benefits from. The teaching was thorough, and the after-care support fantastic. I would highly recommend this course which teaches pain free skin needling!"
Helen Kirby, Celebrity Skin Care UK

"I would thoroughly recommend this course to practising acupuncturists - It compliments traditional acupuncture treatments and is a fantastic adjunct to the treatment room - Brilliant!"
Karen Erskine, Winchester England

"Excellent information and training. Thank you"
Teresa Aquilas Maybury, UK

 “Anthony is a great tutor and I would recommend the course for people who want to make usre they do the treatments correctly”
Bartosz Maj, Manchester, UK

“Great informative course”
Nicole Hudson UK

“The content and practical far exceeded my expectations”
Marina Carew, Essex, UK

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