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White Lotus is committed to removing 180kg plastic from our oceans each year

Most companies are Plastic Negative, White Lotus is Plastic neutral.

White Lotus sustainability

This is several times more plastic than White Lotus produces.

White Lotus protects our oceans from plastic waste

The beauty industry creates 120 billion units of packaging every year, 91% of which is not recycled.

White Lotus makes a positive impact that goes beyond our total annual plastic emissions.

Rainwater, wind and floods carry plastic waste from the land into the oceans. White Lotus Beauty partnered with CleanHub to collect plastic waste before it can enter the most precious ecosystem on earth.

Having grown up surfing White Lotus founder Anthony Kingston saw first-hand how devastating this waste can be and is very passionate about this cause. We are proud to be doing our part to put a stop to this.

White Lotus plastic positive

Why partner with Clean hub?

No one likes greenwashing. That is why we partnered with Clean hub. Their software makes it possible for us to check on and verify the amount of plastic we remove from entering the ocean every month. Traceability and accountability are key to creating true change in the war on plastic.

Clean hub works with a variety of collection partners in high impact zones. White Lotus has chosen to partner with Green worms in India.

Director Kamila’s grandfather migrated from India 70+ years ago. When it came to choosing a partner Kamila appreciated the Green Worms policy of employing disadvantaged women from local self-help groups.

These groups support each other in times of emergency or financial distress by providing loans from collective savings. This helps the members gain some independence and often escape abusive situations.

Please follow this link to go directly to the White Lotus Beauty Cleanhub page. Here you can track the amount of plastic we are removing from the ocean each month in real time.

clean hub white lotus

What happens to the plastic we collect?

Recyclable goods are sold for local recycling. Non-recyclables are sent for co-processing.

Co-processing refers to the simultaneous recycling of mineral materials and recovery of energy in the process of cement manufacturing and achieves superior environmental performance as compared to landfills and incineration. For co-processing recovery, we partner with Geocycle.

Why do we still use plastic at all?

We have removed virtually all plastic wrapping from our wrapping and primary skincare packaging. When plastic is necessary for secondary components like caps and pumps, we use BPA/BPS & phthalate-free, recyclable plastic.

We are still working on solutions for 2 products.

1. Currently, there is no viable substitute for the plastic used in our derma rollers and their tamper-evident packaging. These are hygiene issues for which no viable solution has yet been developed.

2. The White Lotus acupressure mats and pillows still use food-grade recyclable plastic spikes. We have experimented with bamboo spikes but they are currently not durable enough.

We are still developing solutions to these problems and are confident we will in future be able to use no plastic in all our products.

carbon neutral white lotus

Carbon Offset

White Lotus is working towards becoming a carbon-neutral company.

White Lotus offices are paperless currently run on 75% renewable energy.

White Lotus supports ecosia with its tree planting initiatives as we like its policy of partnering with local groups to plant native trees in biodiversity hot spots.

If you would like to help us with our mission then every customer can personally offset the carbon emissions of their purchase at check out.