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The White Lotus skin needling clinic was founded in 2004. At the time it was the first specialist skin needling clinic in the southern hemisphere. Founders Anthony and Kamila Kingston had spent a combined total of 11 years in tertiary education studying eastern medicine, 2 years researching traditional cosmetic techniques throughout Asia and 10 years testing their discoveries in clinic before starting White Lotus.

Clinical Aims

The main aim of the clinic was to introduce the western population to the amazing combination of eastern anti-aging secrets with modern scientific testing and apply this to theory to modern cosmetic treatments.
To do this all treatments had to be completely natural and organic. They had to work with the body rather than against it to achieve the goals. They had to follow the health preserving philosophy of far eastern medicine. They also had to work!

Unfortunately many natural treatments can provide little modern evidence of the treatments effectiveness. White Lotus tried to research and incorporate as many proven cosmetic therapies as possible into the clinic that met their strict philosophies of natural and time proven treatments.

Media Recognition

The clinic rapidly grew in popularity and was soon featuring in the national media. In total the White Lotus clinic was featured in 6 National newspapers and made 2 appearances on National Television. It was also featured in over 30 other local and International publications. Please visit the media page for a full description.

Beauty Shop

Following the success of the clinic, White Lotus received untold number of requests for service from customers whose location was too remote to allow them to visit or attend the clinic. In response White Lotus developed its signature beauty product range. This product range allows customers experience many of the benefits of in clinic skin needling and other treatments at home.

In addition since 2007 White Lotus has been training a number of clinics around the world to offer the White Lotus services. This has allowed more customers to benefit from these unique services.