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Rose Quartz Crystal Facial

The Rose Quartz Crystal Facial is the best match for you

Please scroll through the sections below to better understand how the Rose Quartz crystal has been uniquely selected for you.

  • Rose Quartz for your Skin Type
  • Rose Quartz for your Acupuncture meridians
  • Rose Quartz for your Chakras

rose quartz crystal

Skin Type - Rose Quartz is Suitable for Normal, Combination, Sensitive, Blemish or acne prone skin

Rose quartz has much in common with clear quartz and is suitable for a wide variety of skin types. Like jade it can benefit oily or acne prone skin but unlike jade it works brilliantly on combination skin, normal and sensitive skin.

This ability to balance many different skin types makes it ideal for those who’s skin needs nourishing especially for finer more subtle wrinkles but who may also experience occasional oily skin or even acne outbreaks. Like other types of quartz it has a harmonising effect on the skin which can naturally brighten the complexion.

Rose Quartz crystal benefits the heart charka and also the organ of the heart in Chinese Medicine. Its ability to tonify the heart qi (energy) and blood explain its ability to benefit small fine wrinkles and mild dryness so effectively while its ability to clear inflammation often described a heat or fire in Chinese Medicine explain it s ability to improve mild outbreaks in the skin.

The crystal has a gentle energy that allows it to assist sensitive skin which is often inflamed or irritated by skin products or the environment.

As rose quartz has been selected for you you will benefit from its soothing energy and ability to balance a wide variety of different elements in your skin.

Learn more about performing the Rose Quartz Crystal Facial at home

Acupuncture Meridian - Rose Quartz is connected to the Heart Meridian and Fire Element

Due perhaps to its beautiful pink colour rose quartz is connected to the heart and love through virtually all ancient cultures. The Chinese medicine system is no different but it is worth noting that in Chinese medicine each organ has controls a wide variety of different parts of the body through a system of correspondences.

For example the heart is believed to control the blood vessels, the tongue and taste as its sensory organ and sweat or perspiration is the fluid of the heart.

Some of the organs in Chinese medicine are only usually associated with a single or limited patterns. For example the kidneys are usually seen as deficient when debilitated and never excessive.

The heart however is more complex. The heart can be weak in qi and blood or it can suffer blood stagnation or can be affected by excess fire from below. This means issues of the heart can exhibit a wide range of different symptoms.

Well known patterns include heart qi deficiency leading to excessive sweating, while redness at the tip of the tongue usually indicates heart fire.

It is worth noting that heart qi and blood deficiency can also be caused indirectly by issues of the digestion not producing enough qi and blood to nourish the heart.

Thankfully rose quartz has a balancing effect on the heart and so can help balance a wide variety of patterns.

From your skins perspective this gives rose quartz a wide variety of conditions it can benefit. It is equally adept on flushed red cheeks as it is on small fine wrinkles associated with heart and qi and blood deficiency.

This is a beautiful and versatile crystal that will truly benefit you.

Learn more about performing the Rose Quartz Crystal Facial at home

rose quartz crystal facial

Chakra - Rose Quartz Benefits the Heart Chakra

The association between the Heart Chakra (Anahata) and rose quartz is perhaps one of the most well known in the world of crystals. The beautiful pink colour of the quartz naturally lends itself to images of romantic love and attachment.

The heart chakra of course controls far more than romantic love. It is associated with our ability display deep compassion and empathy for all those around us as well as our ability to truly love and cherish ourselves.

It is considered the bridge between the lower chakras associated more with the material world and the upper chakras associated more with spirituality.

As discussed above the Chinese medicine organs do not correspond with the location of western organs. This however is the rare case where the location of the chakra and the area of the Chinese organ match exactly both believing rose quartz to have a powerful balancing effect on the area of the heart.

Jade crystal is also associated with the heart chakra. Which crystal was selected for you was dependent on which areas of your life you were experiencing more issues in as each has slightly different effects. Both however will help open the heart chakra and balance any issues associated with love and your ability to cherish your self.

Learn more about performing the Rose Quartz Crystal Facial at home

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