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Founders Story

Our founders, Anthony and Kamila met while studying Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese herbal medicine at University. After their degrees, they decided they wanted to learn more about the techniques and treatments they spent their studies discovering.

Anthony and Kamila

During a two-year sojourn through Asia, the pair’s purpose was simple; to study the traditional holistic beauty treatments that had been passed down through far eastern generations for centuries.

After being amazed by the depth of wisdom and timeless rituals that centred around a culture of harmony, beauty and wellbeing, Anthony and Kamila decided that it was time to learn how these wonders could be adapted to a modern Western clinic.

Returning from their Asian travels, Anthony and Kamila set up their first clinic in their home country, Australia. The clinic, which was focused on enhancing the lives of customers from the skin to soul, was the first of its kind back in 2004. This was long before Korean and Japanese beauty brands came into fashion.

The foundations and seeds that would grow in White Lotus were planted in White Lotus Cosmetic Acupuncture, the first specialist cosmetic skin needling clinic in Australia.

Due to the unique nature of the clinic which offered brand-new treatments for the time including microneedling, jade rollers, facial Gua Sha and cosmetic cupping, word of mouth quickly spread. Soon, White Lotus Cosmetic Acupuncture found itself as a popular feature of Brisbane's leafy Ascot suburb that attracted locals and national media outlets alike.

White Lotus Cosmetic Acupuncture

Expanding our vision

In 2008, after countless media experiences and growing popularity, Anthony and Kamila found themselves constantly travelling around the country to keep up with the floods of customers across Australia.

No longer able to satisfy the growing base of customers, our founders looked at how White Lotus could be expanded out of the existing clinics and training programmes for practitioners. This is where White Lotus Beauty really started to bloom; a high-quality range of products that would let our customers recreate the treatments from our clinics from their own homes.

Our very first offerings were home microneedling, jade roller, Gua Sha and facial cupping kits, but we always had our sights set on something more; our own unique skincare range.

Both our founders are trained herbalists who are experts in an array of traditional herbal cosmetic techniques like herbal steams and face masks used alongside micro currents to increase absorption. These techniques, which were extremely effective in the clinic, were not suitable for home use.

The goal was to solve the impracticality usually associated with the application of traditional Chinese herbs by extracting the herbs and using them in modern and exciting cosmetics products.

Using Anthony’s knowledge of herbal pharmacology, we were able to formulate the early skincare range in-house. We focused on using natural organic herbs with no additives to create a line of products that we couldn’t be prouder of.

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve gone on to develop a range of products for beauty practitioners, acupuncturists and our customers so that anyone can harness the power of White Lotus Beauty, regardless of where they are.

White Lotus Gua Sha

What matters most

Over the past 15 years, we’ve worked hard to build White Lotus into the well-loved brand that you see today, but our founders have always worked hard to stick to our roots – a passion for holistic treatments combined with a focus on education and respect.

Since the beginning of White Lotus, our founders have dedicated their time to training other practitioners in the wonders of herbal medicine far eastern beauty techniques to spread the wisdom they learned during their travels across Asia.

Not only does this mean that the age-old knowledge stays at the forefront of modern-day cosmetics, but it also allows more customers to enjoy the benefits of such wisdom.

Anthony has now trained thousands of doctors, nurses, beauticians and acupuncturists in techniques such as holistic microneedling, jade rolling, and holistic cosmetic acupuncture. This training has been delivered across Europe, the United States, and widely across Australia.

The knowledge that Anthony and Kamila have learnt since their early studies have been noted in a range of online courses that can be accessed by anyone, in any country. Anthony has also put pen to paper and written three books, two of which have now become international bestsellers.

Alongside running White Lotus, Anthony and Kamila are raising their three young children in beautiful South Eastern Queensland Australia and inspiring the next generation of white lotuses.

Kamila also is a family constellation faciliator