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Microneedling may not be for you but....

Dermarolling is not for for everyone. Some of your answers have let us know that this may not be the right treatment for you.

Many websites won’t say this as they are only interested in sales but we want you to have the best possible care for your skin.

Many skin conditions such as excema and dermatitis , keloid scars and people taking certain types of medications should not use any form of invasive cosmetic treatment.

We know this is disappointing but thankfully we have other options for you!

Want to work on wrinkles, sagging and the signs of aging? Why not take our crystal facial quiz to see which crystal roller is perfect for your skin type?

Take the Crystal Facial Quiz

Interested in stretch marks, cellulite or hair loss we have a range of products below perfectly suited to your needs. 

And always remember if you have any questions contact us. We have expert advice on hand whenever you need it.

Assist Stretch Marks and Cellulite without Microneedling


Hair Restoration without Microneedling