What Causes Stretch Marks

Stretch marks or striae are formed when the skin is stretched too rapidly. The skin then tears forming first

red or purple stretch marks which then fade to white raised marks over time. Stretch marks most commonly occur during pregnancy, but can also be caused by rapid weight or muscle gain.
They are most common in women around the hips, thighs and breasts. Red or purple stretch marks are easier to treat as the condition is less well developed, but good results can also be gained by applying skin needling to older white stretch marks.

Under closer examination the stretch marks are actually raised bundles of collagen and elastin. In normal healthy skin the collagen fibres form a web like lattice that ensures smooth skin. When stretch marks form this existing collagen becomes misaligned. The fibres often begin to run parallel to each other rather than perpendicular and this leads to the appearance of stretch marks.

In order to assist stretch marks we need to break down the old distorted collagen and produce a new layer of smooth collagen to take its place.

Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

A recent scientific study confirmed that the dermaroller for stretch marks can effectively assist this condition by increasing healthy collagen and elastin development in the skin (1). The derma roller benefits stretch marks in three ways

1.    The derma rollers cause micro trauma below the surface of the skin. As part of the healing process the body mobilises a group of enzymes called collagenase to break down old misaligned collagen fibres in the area. This starts to break down the existing raised stretch marks.

2.    The derma roller also stimulates a new layer of healthy collagen to form to replace the old damaged layer and produce smoother skin.

3.    The White Lotus Stretch marks serum increases the micro-circulation to the area and provides the perfect blend of anti-oxidants and micro nutrients to ensure smooth collagen development and wound healing.

The White Lotus Stretch Mark Pack

This pack contains everything you need to perform effective, healthy stretch mark treatments at home. It is the complete package and contains

1.    The Lotus Roller the highest quality home use roller on the market. High quality needles that last a year unlike poor quality imitations.

2.    The White Lotus Stretch Mark serum. This unique serum is formulated from organic green tea oil and other anti-oxidant and circulating herbs. It is completely natural and organic yet green tea has been shown to have regenerative properties on skin cells and increase collagen production (2). This ensures healthy collagen production when using the derma roller.

3.    The Lotus Roller cleaner to kill bacteria in between treatments for maximum hygiene.

4.    Full instructions demonstrating the unique White Lotus derma roller technique.

Please follow the link to learn more about the White Lotus Stretch Mark Pack.

1. Aust, M.C., Vogt, P. M. & Knobloch, K. (2010). Percutaneous collagen induction therapy as a therapeutic option for striae distensae. Plast Reconstr Surg. Oct 126(4), 219e-220e.

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