Medical Face Reading

About Face Reading and Medical Face Reading Training

Traditional Chinese Face reading is a fantastic tool to use in your practice.

Face reading can display invaluable information about your client’s health (past, present and future) as well as emotional state, personality traits and specific routines you can suggest that will quickly benefit their lives.

Medical Face Reading Training

If you are interested in receiving professional training in this area, please      contact us (0845 600 6557)

When demand is high enough, we will set up a course date.

Training will use the 5 elements and the 5 parameters of Chinese medicine to identify organ imbalances in the zang fu.

We teach you how to diagnose individual lines on the face and relate them back to their controlling organ causing the imbalance.

No time for a course, but interested in learning a new skill?

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You’ll be an expert in medical face reading in no time!