This page is designed to clear up many of the misconceptions facing people when conducting a derma roller review. Before purchasing a home use derma roller or booking a series of treatments it is important to conduct your own dermaroller review to make sure you are receiving the highest quality products and that all products used are safe and confirm to European regulations. In the derma roller reviews section below we have highlighted the key things to look out for what to avoid.

The derma roller handle

The handle is generally not a sign of quality. Some companies conduct dermaroller reviews highlighting the handle design and strength. This is unfortunate as handle shape does not greatly affect the treatments and the strength is irrelevant as any force great enough to break a handle will have already damaged the needles rendering the roller useless. The one thing you can often tell from the handle is the manufacturer. Most rollers are now made in a handful of factories and then the price is determined by marketing rather than quality. Any genuine company will have a different mould signifying that the rollers are made to their own specifications rather than re-branded cheaper models.

The manufacturer

Look for companies you can trust that are based in the Western world. Where possible make sure the key people in the company have actually used the products and understand how best to use them. Make sure your company provides on-going support preferably by phone and that the people you speak to are knowledgeable and actually know the products. You are purchasing needles and need to have some assurance of the product’s quality and safety. Most reputable companies will also have therapists who use their products. This is evidence of a consistently high quality product.

Final Points

Make sure the rollers are provided sterile, are machine assembled rather than by hand and that they come in tamper evident packaging (you do need to check this before you buy as most are not and can have been tampered with).

Please as a final note be wary of any company who subjectively review their own products against others and unsurprisingly find their rollers to be the best. We recently saw one where the owner of a small company rolled the rollers on her own thigh and decided she liked hers best! We would humbly suggest more evidence may be required!

We hope you enjoyed the derma roller reviews UK information. Please feel free to contact White Lotus by phone or email and we are happy to support your search for the perfect roller.