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Skin Type - Clear Quartz is Suitable for all skin types including Normal, Combination, Dry, Oily and Sensitive skin

Clear quartz is often called the master healer crystal. It has the ability to benefit all chakras. It has a similar benefit on skin types where it can assist all major skin types. This is very different to for example jade which is better with oily skin but not dry skin or amethyst which has the opposite effect.

This ability of clear quartz to aid all skin types makes it perfect for combination skin or skin which has a variety of often contradictory features. For example oiliness at the sides with dryness around the nose or for those who may experience oiliness in the T zone but dryness on the cheeks.

If clear quartz is the ideal crystal for your skin type is is likely that you have unique skin with several different elements potentially clashing. Your skin will benefit from the balancing harmonising affect of the master healer clear quartz crystal.

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Acupuncture Meridian - Clear Quartz is connected to the Lung Meridian and Metal Element

Clear quartz was important across most major ancient civilisations in Europe. Due to its abundance it played a similar role for Europeans as nephrite jade did for the ancient Chinese.

In spiritual terms clear quartz is often referred to as the master healer. In the understanding of chakras it is said to enhance and benefit all chakras. It is something of a chameleon of crystals able to benefit a very wide variety of conditions.

This pattern continues in Chinese medicine. Each organ in not only a fixed physical object as they are in western medicine but rather represent a system of correspondences that from the 5 main organs influence every aspect of the body.

In Chinese medicine the lungs control the skin and therefore clear quartz which is associated with the lungs can benefit a far wider variety of skin types and conditions than the other crystals which are often very specific in their function. This makes clear quartz an excellent choice when presented with different symptoms that seem to contradict each other (think combination skin as an overly simplistic example).

The lungs are controlled by the metal element which is perhaps more similar to the air element in Ayurvedic medicine. Its colour is white and controlling the skin, it is more closely associated with healthy immune function than any other organ.

The sensory organ associated with the lungs is the nose and weakened lung energy can lead to a runny nose, sneezing sinusitis or reduced sense of smell. Unsurprisingly the season associated with the lungs is Autumn when more people suffer from these symptoms.

Some crystals are very specific in their uses only able to work on certain organs or only able to tonify and nourish but not clear detrimental elements from the system. Clear Quartz is perfects the perfect healing crystal as it is able to balance both excessive and deficient conditions and work across all organs. This means it can also benefit all skin types and can be retained over a lifetime as the skin changes over time.

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Chakra - Clear Quartz Benefits the Crown Chakra and all chakras

Clear quartz is often referred to as the master healing stone and so can benefit all the chakras in the body. It has a wider balancing effect than many of the other crystals and so can be used for a wider variety of issues and in particular where there are multiple issues that may seem to contradict each other.

Despite its wide range of use clear quartz is most closely associated with the crown chakra which sits at the very top of the head and represents our ability to fully connect spiritually.

When the cross chakra is out of balance it affects our ability to beneficially connect with other people leading to feelings of isolation and potentially depression or other mental health issues.

The crown chakra is also associated with the pineal gland which produces melatonin and therefore our ability to enjoy a good nights sleep.

To help balance this clear quartz is believed to amplify positive energy and enhance positive intentions.

Unsurprisingly the crown chakra is often seen as white, matching the colour of the clear quartz crystal.

Clear quartz can balance all chakras in the body and will help you lift and better fulfil your positive intentions and increase the positive energy around you.

Learn more about performing the Clear Quartz Crystal Facial at home

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