What is a caesarean scar?

"cesarean section scar and linea nigra

Cesarean scars are formed on the lower abdomen as a result of the surgical delivery of a baby. There are several different types of C section scars resulting from the type of incision that is made.

In the past most caesarean scars were longitudinal which allowed a larger space to deliver the baby. These are rarely performed now as they were more prone to complications. These scars are therefore more likely to be older C section scars. Older scars respond well to skin needing but can take more time than more recent scars.

The lower uterine segment section is the most common procedure performed today. This involves a small transverse cut just above the bladder. The scar produced is smaller and the procedure results in less blood loss and a quicker C section recovery. These scars are the most common and are relatively easy to treat.

The earliest skin needling for Cesarean Scars

In China small needles have been used to reduce scars for thousands of years. In present day China with a population of over 1.2 billion people 46% of women now undergo a C section with the resulting C section scar. The location of caesarean scars, mean they cut through several very important acupuncture channels. A large scar is believed to adversely affect the wider health rather than just being a cosmetic issue. This means the reduction in the appearance of caesarean scars is taken very seriously. 

In response derma rollers and other forms of skin needling have been widely tested and adapted to improve recovery and reduce the appearance of these scars. This suggests that skin needling is a widely accepted and proven way to assist a caserean scar.

How does a derma roller assist a Cesarean Scar

Skin Needling works in 3 ways to help reduce c section scars

1.    Skin needling initiates the wound healing cascade by creating small amounts of trauma below the skins surface. This trauma results in an increase in production of the enzymes called collagenase. These enzymes break down old misaligned collagen which is what scars are made of.

2.    Meanwhile the skin needling stimulates a group of cells called fibroblasts which produce a new layer of collagen below the existing scar. As the old collagen is broken down a new smooth layer is produced below it to replace and restore the appearance of smooth skin in the area.

3.    Skin needling also increases the absorption of the White Lotus scar serum which assists the process by improving circulation in the area and providing much needed cell nutrition to the area.So the derma roller can help break down the existing scar and produce a new layer of healthy skin to replace it.

The White Lotus Scar Reduction Pack

The White Lotus Scar Reduction Pack is specifically designed to help you reduce caesarean scars at home. It contains a derma stamp to provide higher stimulation on more severe section of the scar. The Lotus Roller Derma roller can then be used to produce collagen across the rest of the scar and in the area surrounding the scar to ensure smooth skin across the area. The pack also includes the White Lotus scar serum to improve the results of the skin needling and the derma roller cleaner to ensure the derma roller is disinfected between treatments. Everything you need to dramatically reduce the appearance of your caesarean scar.

To learn more about the White Lotus Scar Reduction Pack please follow this link.