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Skin Type - Amethyst is Suitable for Normal, dry and sensitive skin

Amethyst is particularly good for dry skin and can be used to treat pronounced lines and wrinkles. Most people with dry skin can experience dry skin or flaky patches or skin that is rarely oily even at the end of the day. Your skin may feel tight itchy or dry after cleansing.

Amethyst is also excellent for normal, sensitive or combination skin where other issues or symptoms are present. It is never used for oily or acne prone skin. In ancient Chinese skin diagnosis small fine lines and wrinkles were caused by qi (energy) and blood deficiency while deeper lines which are more common with greater age were considered due to kidney and liver deficiency. Amethyst is ideal for these types of deeper lines as it is a deeply nourishing crystal.

Amethyst is a strong tonic crystal which will benefit your deeper lines and truly illuminate your skin while relieving dryness and protecting even the most sensitive skin.

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Acupuncture Meridian - Amethyst is connected to the Kidney Meridian and Water Element

Amethyst with its deep acting properties and dark purple blue colour is associated with the water element in Chinese medicine and the main organ it acts upon is the kidneys.

In Chinese medicine the organs are not fixed physical objects as in western medicine but rather represent a system of correspondences that from the 5 main organs influence every aspect of the body.

For example each organ controls a sensory organ. The kidneys control the ears so many cases of tinnitus, deafness or ear infections are often associated with weakness of the kidneys.

In Chinese medicine the kidneys represent the amount of energy you are born with or inherit from your parents. This can then later be enhanced or reduced by diet, sleep and other lifestyle factors.

Each organ controls one of the substances from which the body is created. In the case of the kidneys this is bone.This can manifest itself particularly in issues and pain in the knees and lower back as well as in dental issues.

Each organ is linked to a key emotion. In the case of the kidneys it is fear. This can lead to anxiety or other issues if the kidneys become weak. These issues can also be associated with heart qi deficiency so are not exclusive to the kidneys

The kidneys also control the hair. Early greying of the hair in particular is considered a sign that the kidneys may need extra nourishment.

When we talk about the kidneys as well as qi deficiency it is common to talk about either yin deficiency or yang deficiency or both. Kidney yin deficiency in particular will often manifest as large cracks on the tongue or a complete lack of coating but not always.

On the face wrinkles associated with the kidneys are usually deeper more pronounced wrinkles as the kidneys operate at a very deep level of the body. This is different to the small shallow wrinkles that may be more abundant but are more closely associated with deficiency of qi (energy) and blood.

Amethyst is a tonic stone which can help nourish the body at a deep level acting on the kidneys as they are understood in Chinese medicine. It is perfect for skin that is drying or fading and to assist a variety of wrinkles.

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Chakra - Amethyst Benefits the Third Eye Chakra

The third eye or Ajna chakra is perhaps the most well known chakra. It is  associated with intuition and the ability to see beyond the physical.

Amethyst has always been strongly associated with the third eye and the development of these abilities.

Amethyst can also increase clarity of mind, concentration and imagination, all traits also associated with the third eye.

Like jade and the heart chakra the purple colour of the stone creates immediate connections with the purple/ dark blue colour of the third eye.

Amethyst is a powerful crystal for increasing clarity of mind, concentration and imagination. Interestingly this ability in amethyst is often associated with overcoming problems in business or employment as well as higher growth.

The third eye has strong connections with the pituitary gland in many systems of thought. From this amethyst is believed to benefit not only the pituitary gland but by association wider issues of the endocrine system.

Due to the location of the third eye amethyst is often believed to be especially beneficial for relieving the deep wrinkles which we often develop between the eyebrows.

As well as the eye brow chakra amethyst is also believed to help benefit and overcome blockages in the crown chakra.

Learn more about performing the Amethyst Crystal Facial at home

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