Q – How is the EUROMAT different to other acupressure mats?
A – The EUROMAT uses the highest quality materials and workmanship on the market. It is the only mat to use unique award winning memory foam, food grade plastic spikes, practical Velcro straps and be completely produced in the EU to EU standards.

Q – How many acupressure points does the EUROMAT have?
A – 6534 spikes spread over 65 by 42cm

Q – Is the EUROMAT hygienic?
A – Yes completely but if you are at all concerned or are sharing your mat simply purchase the EUROMAT cleaning spray which kills 99.9% of bacteria without damaging the mat.

Q – Do acupressure mats hurt?
A – Most customers agree that the EUROMAT is not painful. There should be a strong sensation in the area and this can feel sore to some people. If the mat feels uncomfortable at first, simply wear and extra layer of clothing until you adjust to the sensation. Your body rapidly adapts and to the mat and this sensation disappears rapidly leaving you only with the results.

Q – I have scars on my back. Can I use the mat anyway?
A – Yes the mat is completely safe on scars but should not be used on open wounds.

Q – Can the EUROMAT only be used on the back?
A – No it can be used on different areas where you are experiencing difficulties. This includes the head abdomen and limbs. The unique Velcro straps make it very easy to apply to the knees and other parts of the limbs.

Q - Who can use the Euromat?
A – Acupressure mats are not recommended for pregnant of breast feeding women. Consult your Doctor if you are taking strong medications or have other concerns.

Q - How can I purchase the Euromat?
A - Please follow the Euromat link to view the product in our online store.