White Lotus's dermaroller scars treatment and Scarring reduction products for scars

What sort of scars can the products help?

Acne scarring treatments are the most common scars. White Lotus Anti Aging sells a range of natural scar treatment and scar reduction products . These products can be used to assist a range of different scars including

  • acne scars
  • chicken pox scars
  • ice pick scars
  • appendectomy scars
  • burn scars
  • surgery or surgical scars
  • C- section scar (C section scar) or cesarean scar
  • tummy tuck scar removal

The products are based on the concept of skin needling which has been shown to reduce the visible signs of scars and scarring by up to 70% in just several treatments.

The skin needling is enhanced by our special scar serum which is composed of traditional Chinese herbs which have been proven to reduce scars over thousands of years.

Below is a list of the products available 

Scar Reduction Roller

Subject to intensive research in Europe and the USA scarring or Dermal rollers have clearly proven their amazing anti scarring properties. Some of the key findings are listed below.

The Trans Dermal Roller increases the absorption of  some anti scarring products by up to 10,000 times in a single use and dramatically increases the absorption of the Scar serum. The Scar Reduction Roller can also increase collagen production in the skin by up to 1,000% in a single treatment. This helps heal scars

Research now shows that scar reduction dermal rollers can reduce the visible appearance of scars by up to 70%. In fact a 2009 trial showed that 34 of 38 people experienced an improvement of 1 or 2 grades in atrophic facial scars after treatment with a dermaroller. Over 80% of the participants rated the treatment as excellent. Majid, I. Microneedling therapy in atrophic Facial Scars: An Objective Assessment. J Cutan Aesthet Surg. 2(1), 26-30, 2009.

We recommend the 1mm roller for facial scarring and the 1.5mm roller for body scars.

Derma Stamp


Derma Stamp is specifically designed to benefit all types of scars & scarring reducing their appearance by up to 70%. The stamp provides stronger localised stimulation to a specific area so providing very quick results in reducing the visible signs of scars.

Use the Derma stamp on isolated Scars to break up the scar tissue. Many people buy the Scar pack to use for their face if they have a couple of Scars they want to treat but they really also want to use the derma roller to induct collagen for anti aging/beauty purposes.

The Derma stamp is also called the dermastamp.We stock the 1mm derma stamp believing this to be the best all round scar reducer for the body and the face.

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Scar Serum

The Scar Serum possesses skin rejuvenating properties making it of great assistance in removing scars. Formulated by White Lotus using a special blend of vegan Chinese herbs infused in a certified organic camellia oil (green tea oil) base. No synthetic ingredients, preservatives or fillers are used. The herbs are chosen ot increase blood flow and reduce the visible signs of scarring

The Camellia oil is very naturally rich in vitamins B, C, K and P and is exceptionally high in antioxidants and minerals. It contains a high amount of unsaturated fatty acids.

A recent trial in Germany using green tea on the facial skin demonstrated that it helped repair skin

  • Damage from radiotherapy
  • Rejuvenates skin cells
  • Protects against uv rays
  • Increases elastin in the skin

White Lotus Scar Serum Ingredients(No synthetic ingredients, preservatives or fillers) :

Notice the lack of any numbers or chemical names.

  • Certified organic Camellia Sinensis - Green Tea oil
  • Panax notoginseng - San Qi
  • Angelica polymorpha - Dang Gui
  • Carthimus tinctorius - Hong Hua
  • Commiphora molmol - Mo Yao
  • Olibannum gummi - Ru Xiang

White Lotus Scarring Serum is sold in 25ml bottles which will last you several months.

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Scar Pack

The scar pack combines the 1mm dermastamp and the Organic Scar Serum.

By using these in combination quick results are achieved. The dermal stamp provides very intense stimulation to the area and is used in combination with the scar serum to get to the deeper levels of the scar.

Treatments should be continued for about 3 months with visible results achieved in the first 14 days.This pack is a great acne scarring treatment as well as other forms of scarring ,dermaroller scars
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