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5 products

White Lotus Scar reduction treatments have been tested in clinic for over a decade. The innovative approach to scar reduction has benefited clients around the world. Combining the scientifically proven benefits of skin needling with traditional organic products you can naturally reduce the visible appearance of scars creating natural younger looking skin.

How to Get Rid of Scars

Micro needling provides the answer to the question 'how to get rid of scars' It has been scientifically demonstrated to reduce the visible signs of scars by an average of two grades. It does this in two ways-

1. It can actually increase the production of collagenases to break down old misaligned collagen, which is forming scars.

2. It produces a completely new flat layer of collagen below this to create new flawless skin.

White Lotus offers a range of micro needling packs to perfectly facilitate your derma roller scar treatment. Scar tissue reduction has traditionally been a difficult process. The scar reduction treatment can act as a scar remover and is highly effective on the following scars

• Get rid of acne scars

• Breast reduction scars

• C section scars or caesarean scars

• Burn scars

• Surgical scars

• Ice pick scars

• A variety of other hypertrophic scar

Combined with the organic scar serum to facilitate the treatment it is the perfect scar tissue treatment.

A recent trial demonstrated just how effective the derma roller can be on scars. This trial had 37 participants who were treated 3 times with a derma roller. 34 of these participants saw at least a 1- 2 grade improvement in the appearance of their scars when independently evaluated (1).

This is hardly surprising as derma rollers not only form new collagen production in the skin, they also break down old misaligned collagen fibres that form scars.

This occurs naturally as a group of enzymes called collagenase are stimulated by the dermarolling to break down the parallel fibres created in scars. A new matrix of collagen is then created in the healthy smooth basket weave of youthful skin. This replaces the scarred tissue leaving the skin looking smoother and renewed.

Majid, I.(2009). Micro needling Therapy in Atrophic Facial Scars: An Objective Assessment. J Cutan Aesthet Surg. Jan–Jun 2(1), 26–30.

White Lotus Scar Reduction Packs

Scar therapy Pack – This is the smaller of the White Lotus packs. It consists of the dermastamp the white Lotus organic scar serum and the derma stamp cleaner. This pack is ideal for small isolated scars. The stamp allows you to apply focused stimulation on the area you wish to assist without targeting all the surrounding tissue.

Scar Reduction Pack – The scar reduction pack is the premier pack for dermaroller scar reduction. In addition to the dermastamp it contains a Lotus Roller. This allows the user to use the stamp to focus on particularly troublesome areas and then use the roller to cover larger areas of skin to create an even appearance in the improvement of the skin.

White Lotus is a customer based business we stand behind our products, guarantee their sterility and provide free on-going support from our UK based offices.

White Lotus Scar Reduction Packs

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