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    Micro Needling is a natural cellulite treatment that can be performed effectively at home. Creating a new smooth layer of collagen the derma roller can reduce the dimpled appearance of cellulite across the skin.

    White Lotus provides the highest quality sterile derma rollers to produce excellent results in reducing cellulite.

    Cellulite occurs when fat cells in an area become swollen and push through the collagen and elastin layer of the tissue. A healthy layer of collagen and elastin can usually retain these swollen fat cells and maintain a smooth surface to the skin. When the collagen and elastin are stretched too much it starts to distort the healthy basket weave pattern of the collagen and this creates dimpled skin, which is often referred to as cellulite.

    The White Lotus Cellulite package can assist the appearance of cellulite in three ways-

    1. The derma rollers can break up old misaligned collagen and create a whole new layer of collagen in the area. This new stronger layer can better restrain swollen fat cells and leads to smoother looking skin. The use of the derma roller can increase the induction of collagen in the skin by up to 1,000% in a single treatment (1).

    2. The derma rollers increase absorption through the skin. This allows anti cellulite creams and serums to better penetrate the skin.

    3. The White Lotus organic cellulite serum is specifically designed to warm the area and increase blood circulation to the cells in the area to improve results.

    The White Lotus Organic Cellulite Serum

    The organic cellulite serum is crafted using all natural organic ingredients. White Lotus is unique in only supplying natural serums to complement our high quality skin needling devices.

    White Lotus has adopted this approach to help overcome the often undocumented risk created by increased transdermal absorption. It is well known that derma rollers increase absorption of products through the skin. This is of great benefit in the use of healthy scientifically proven ingredients. It can however present risks if the products applied are not necessarily safe for internal consumption.

    Many products now sold with derma rollers are not considered safe for internal consumption. Derma rollers can allow products to enter the systemic circulation quite rapidly therefore all products used with the derma roller should be proven safe for internal consumption.

    White Lotus’ Organic Cellulite serum combines the best of scientifically proven ingredients with the safety of natural organic ingredients proven safe for internal consumption.

    In addition, green tea oil is used to create the serums. Extracts of green tea has been shown to increase collagen production and reduce the signs of aging therefore dramatically improving results. Green tea extracts also act as an excellent moisturiser as well as reducing photosensitivity and repairing damaged skin. Dry skin and photosensitivity are the two main side effects of skin needling.

    The White Lotus Organic Cellulite serum not only improves results but helps reduce any side effects making skin needling a much more enjoyable experience.
    White Lotus provides expert on-going assistance to the questions how to remove cellulite and how to reduce cellulite?

    Please also consider the White Lotus complete cellulite pack.

    More details can also be found on the getting rid of cellulite page above.
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