What is Acupressure?  White Lotus

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure started in china thousands upon thousands of years ago. The word acupressure derives from the latin word needle, and pressure.This form of alternative medicine is a lot like acupuncture, and it effective at helping manage nausea, vomiting, lower back pain, tension headaches, and a stomach ache. It is one of the oldest forms of massages around the world. Typically, people will utilize acupressure when at massage areas, or vacations to help relax from either work stress or family stress.

The Mat That Makes You Feel Heaven

Acupressure mats were created by a man in Russia during the 1970’s named Ivan Kuznetsov. This mat was specifically designed to help alleviate his personal health problems. Initially, the mat had plastic spikes and was used to attend to poor sleeping, low energy, improve stress, and relieve back or shoulder pain. In other words, a mat that makes you feel heavenly after laying on it. I like to think a bed can do the same thing, but no it certainly does not feel half as good.

Spikes that actually feel nice to lay on

How this mat works is that its spikes run down the back and next to the spine. If ever someone asks why you lay on a bed spikes the answer should always be because it feels heavenly. One of the best mats around can be found in Europe. It is hand crafted, and meant for people in Europe or of European descent. What makes this mat so different from other mats is that is built to be larger for certain types of backs, safer due to the food grade plastic, and overall more comfortable compared to other mats. Ethically, this mat is made with purely European resources which make as if you are supporting your own continent. However, Americans can buy this product online. It is super accommodating because the velcro straps can be applied to the knees, or chest fairly easily.

The White Lotus

A particular brand for acupressure mats is the white lotus Euromat. The white lotus brand of acupressure makes mats in the forms of pillows, and back mats. One type of pillow from this brand is the anti-aging acupressure pillow which utilizes memory foam. There is over 1944 spike, and its size is about 28 x 24 cm. In fact, the pillow is only $24.99 cents in European currency. Another acupressure item this brand sells is the mat itself which costs about $42.99 cents in European currency. These products are a great alternative from actually getting a massage on vacation, and can help lighten your health daily.