The Benefits of Using Colloidal Silver  White Lotus

The Benefits of Using Colloidal Silver

Silver has been used for centuries, dating back to ancient Roman and Greek times, for its medicinal and antimicrobial properties and even to preserve foods. While using colloidal silver for its antibacterial benefits fell by the wayside with the development of prescription based antibiotics, it eventually reemerged. Why? Because it was found that repeated antibiotic use weakens the immune system by damaging the good bacteria along with the bad. Because silver acts by stifling the enzymes pathogens used for survival, they're incapable of developing a resistance to them.

More about Colloidal Silver

A bacteria fighting marvel, colloidal silver is made up of silver atoms that are suspended in ion-less distilled water. The particles of the silver used are small enough to permeate on a cellular level, destroying a wide variety of pathogens that include viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungal spores. A study carried out by the UCLA School of Medicine and Syracuse University during the 1980s, revealed that colloidal silver was a very effective when used against fungal organisms, viruses and bacteria, even the ones that had grown to be resistant to pharmaceutical antibiotics, speedy recovery times.

Following are some of the top benefits using colloidal silver.

Rapidly Health Wounds

Colloidal silver stimulates the healing process in the skin as well as other soft tissues. The majority of burn centers make use of various forms of silver along with bandaging soaked in silver to treat burn victims. The silver is very soothing for burns and can ever help repair tissue damage. In addition, colloidal silver benefits several other skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis.


Colloidal silver is also a beneficial anti-inflammatory treatment solution, benefiting everything from rheumatoid arthritis (by reducing the inflammation that causes the intense pain) to healing sinuses and ear infections. Colloidal silver soothes inflamed sinus passages, helps eliminate the pain attributable to sinus pressure, relieving sinus headaches. The tiny particles of silver that remain in the sinus cavity after rinsing help destroy mold pathogens and bacteria that are known to prolong an allergic response and lead to additional infection. When sinus congestion that's caused by allergies ends up affecting the ears, it can cause dizziness and discomfort and even an ear infection. The good news is that just a couple of drops of pure colloidal silver put in the ear canal can eliminate or help prevent an ear infection.


Colloidal silver benefits include working as an anti-viral for pneumonia, HIV/AIDS, shingles, warts and herpes. Colloidal silver has the ability to suffocate virus infections and can reduce HIV virus activity in AIDS patients.

Helps Prevent MRSA Infections

To help prevent MRSA infections from causing severe health issues in hospitals, silver coated catheter and surgical medical instruments along with silver dressings and ointments have been produced for hospital use. The interaction of fluids with the treated bandages and silver instruments ends up creating anti-microbial silver ions, effectively destroying the MRSA pathogen and quickly.

While it doesn't replace appropriate health care the healthy lifestyle habits, colloidal silver comes with a wealth of health benefits and makes the perfect addition to any immune system support lifestyle strategy.