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Roll the Jade Roller Upwards not Downwards

Continuing on from our blog a few days ago on why “Gua Sha Should Not be Used on the neck” this blog will discuss why it was always considered important to roll upwards and outwards during cosmetic treatments.

The Jade Roller and other crystal rollers have experienced a huge surge in popularity in recent years. With this has come a proliferation of online videos demonstrating how to use these products.

Thankfully jade rollers are generally so safe and simple to use that the fact that many of these demonstrators only first use the roller several minutes before demonstrating causes little real danger.

One trend however that we have noticed in these videos that deserves mentioning is the habit of rolling downwards. This is especially common on the neck.

The jade roller like the crystal Gua Sha and cosmetic cupping all originated in China. These ancient tools have been used for over 1,000 years to keep the faces of the wealthy and powerful women of the time looking beautiful.

In ancient China health and beauty treatments were more closely aligned than in our modern times. This philosophy led to an understanding that beauty treatments and in particular beauty massage should always be lifting and opening up the energy of the face.

In practical terms this meant always rolling or massaging upwards and outwards to lift sagging skin and stretch any loose skin outwards.

This practice moves excess fluid causing puffiness and swelling up and out to the side of the face where other massage techniques like the Crystal Gua Sha are used to drain this fluid out and down behind the ears via the lymphatic system.

It also lifts sagging skin something all of us can benefit from.

This principle does not only apply to the crystal rollers but Gua Sha and crystal combs also. They were all traditionally used in an upwards and outwards direction to lift and stretch the skin.

Using the jade roller, Gua Sha or performing crystal body combing also follow the same principles of massaging upwards towards the trunk.

This becomes particularly important on the limbs as hard pressure downwards with a crystal Gua Sha for example actually works against venous drainage and can actually lead to pooling of blood in the hands and feet.

So if you see videos demonstrating the use of Jade Rollers, Gua Shas or Crystal combs downwards it may be best to move onto another source of instruction.

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