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Why Jade Beauty Products?

Everything you need to know about the jade roller product.

Jade rollers, originally invented by anti-aging experts. Get the professional feel when using the jade roller products.

Before purchasing everyone wants to know what it is exactly they are going to receive. Here are some top advantages of using these products.

  • Fights against aging - the formula is packed with healthy vitamins to help fight against aging. Containing green tea and organic oils. The oils are a brilliant benefit, helping the skin heal itself and gives it that replenished look. It is important to apply the oils before a Gua Sha massage, this will give you the benefits of the oils penetrating the skin.
  • Opinions of the Experts - the White Lotus experts have worked together to create a perfect anti-aging solution. They have carried out necessary checks to ensure the jade roller is safe to use on human skin. Anthony Kingston, a best seller author for micro needling, carries step by step instructions and offers certification upon completion.
  • More than one reason to own - whilst the jade roller is purifying the skin it can also tone the skin too. Gua Sha massaging will stimulate the skin in the process, it is a perfect multi-purpose tool to own.
  • Cleaning- thanks to the handles that come along with the Jade Roller, cleaning the product is simple and easy. Giving you a germ-free experience.

Gua Sha has been mentioned quite a few times so you are probably wondering what it is, simply a massage.

Gua Sha is a simple Chinese tradition. They use it is a healing process. The healing itself has a huge success rate and is recommended by many people. This method has been used by professionals and as remedies, people made at home themselves. The two words have their own meanings, Gua means, scrape and Sha meaning sand. The practice is used for stress, emotional, physical and bad circulation.

 How are the Gha Sha and jade tool used?

Here are the steps you need to take for a fabulous experience.

When you apply both tools it is highly important to apply them lightly, do not apply harsh pressure.

Because the lymph is close to the surface of the skin, only light pressure is required to trigger the right response and get the perfect results. You will know if you are applying too much pressure because the skin will change to a more reddish color.

The angle of the tools should be at 15 degrees to the skin at all times. Do not lay flat on the skin, they should always be a little raised. If you feel a little tough on the skin this is a good sign.

When the lymph is emptied the residue will go into a place called the terminus, these are located just in the middle each of your collarbones.

Along with the package, you will receive an organic cleanser, this is to be used before your treatment. The product is safe for sensitive skin users.

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