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How To Fix And Maintain Your Skin With Organic Ingredients

Everyone wants great looking skin *. That is why there are so many manufacturers and companies that offer and advertise highly expensive, factory made products that promise to repair skin cells and make you glow.

But it seems that their products do not always meet their supposed promises.

Fortunately, there is a way to obtain the great looking skin that you have always desired. Not only can anyone get great looking skin in this manner, but also at a far cheaper price than conventional skin care products.

Organic ingredients are cheaper, healthier, and more formidable, when looking for a method to repair and maintain healthy skin tones. It has long been a known fact that the foods you eat are not just great tasting and packed full of nutrients for your inner organs, but also contain the vitamins your skin, and even hair, need to thrive.

1) Moisturize with Oils

We all know how important moisturizing is, and this fact is especially true during the dry winter season. But that does not mean you have to spend tens of dollars a week buying moisturizer products. Natural food oils such as sunflower or peanut oil, do not only repair and eliminate dry skin, they do it at a far better rate than conventional moisturizers. Currently, there is no evidence moisturizers work better than natural oils, and for a moisturizer to be truly effective, it must be applied to already slightly damp skin. Natural sunflower and peanut oils can be applied to even the most arid of skin and still do their job.

2) Get Full Care With Liquid Gold

It not only tastes great and is a common cooking ingredient, but honey is also one of the best organic skin care treatments in existence. This is the reason why it is often referred to as "liquid gold". By applying generous doses of honey to the skin, you can cleanse clogged pores, many of which harbor nasty chemicals that we are exposed to in our modern environment. This can be done with a concoction of a few tablespoons of honey and coconut oil. Honey applied directly to the skin, however, is another great way at eliminating dry and itchy areas.

3) Get A Radiant Complexion

You may not expect it to be so, but baking soda is an ingenious natural exfoliator. When one tablespoon of baking soda is generously mixed with two tablespoons of honey, dry skin can be eliminated on the spot. The after effects are even more advantageous, as baking soda gives skin a radiant complexion, which is so desired by anyone who cares about their skin.

You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars in manufactured skin care products to obtain the skin you want. The ingredients and foods around you are not only cheaper, but work faster and fuller than conventional means. Mother nature gave us all a gift when she created plant life, and the benefits of using it for your skin go beyond expectation.

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