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Dermaroller Scams

We will be describing about dermaroller scams so before describing these scams we should know, what derm roller really is?

A Dermaroller is a type of skin needling, which is used to arouse your skin's own ordinary collagen creation by 1000% of its typical production and allows for skin care products to be delivered into the skin 200 times more effectively.

Now a days scams have become really common, people are being scammed not only by small companies but also by some of the renowned companies as well. So today we will be discussing about dermaroller scams.

I am highlighting some of the major scams of derma roller within the market.

  1. Dermaroller can’t work without Vitamin A:

Many companies uses Vitamin A and some other products during the needling of the skin. Well according to Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) using Micro Needles; 1st edition February 2006. 2nd revision January 2007, this is not true. Some of the best known also tried it without using any product.

As I described above needling can stimulate the production of collagen without using any product that can have side effects and can harm your skin.

  1. All type of products can be used:

When it comes to say that all types of products can be used when needling your skin, so there comes a thing in your mind that there would be any kind of harmful effect when using different products. So yes it’s a scam. When you use dermaroller the absorption of skin is increased to almost 10,000 times. So some companies use their beauty products during derma roller. This can be sometimes really harmful because the absorption of the product is increased and it can led to skin cancer.

  1. The confusion between 0.3 or shorter micro needles and 1.5mm or longer micro needles:

There always been a confusion, some companies say 0.3mm or shorter micro needles are just perfect for derma roller and some say that 1.5mm or longer micro needles to use for your skin. According to studies that shortest micro needles that can produce collagen should be at least0.5mm long and these micro needles are also the most effective. Let me explain you why? If a dermaroller is to produce collagen it must pass through the layers of the skin called the epidermis to the deeper layers called the dermis. As the epidermis is approximately 0.1-0.15mm thick so it is assumed that the 0.3mm micro needle would be enough but this is not how it works, our skin is uneven so the 0.3mm needles can’t be penetrated to its full length and the result is the collagen is not produced and all the time and money spend on dermaroller go in vain.

At the end I just want to tell you all that the most important thing is your own health, you just have to keep track of the things you are dealing with, sometimes its better to talk to professional or do a bit of research on your own.

Don't make the mistake of buying the cheapest dermaroller around. They are often not sterilised and are hand assembled. A tell tale sign is that they are not in tamper evident packaging. They also have very poor needles that are placed so close together they cannot penetrate the dermis- they simply just scratch. Or the needles are so poor, they are not sharp again cannot penetrate the skin and just catch like a fishing rod on the skin. This is not going to give you the results you want. Spend more, buy a quality roller, they will last for years and get the results you want.

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