Cleaning the Jade Roller  White Lotus

Cleaning the Jade Roller

Cleaning the Jade Roller For Home Use

This is a questions we often receive. The process is very simple for those using a jade facial roller at home on themselves. The instructions below can be applied equally to a Jade Roller, Rose Quartz Roller or any other genuine crystal roller

After Each treatment spray the roller with either an isopropyl alcohol spray or a colloidal silver spray as either will kill 99.99% of bacteria. Let the Jade Roller dry and then return it to its silk box for safe keeping before the next treatment.

Just before you next use the Jade Roller it is worth spraying the crystal tools again to ensure that no bacteria is attached to the tools before treatment.

Genuine silk is actually anti bacterial so this last step is particularly important if you are not storing the Jade Roller in a silk box or you are not sure the silk employed is authentic.

If spraying the Jade Roller again with isopropyl alcohol before using it is important to allow time for the alcohol to evaporate as otherwise it can dry out the skin. For this reason the colloidal silver spray is often preferable to the isopropyl alcohol.

If you are using the Jade Roller with a thick cream that tends to adhere to the Roller then you are better off investing in a Jade Roller like the White Lotus Jade Roller that uses thicker blunt brass brackets to hold the roller head. This allows the head to be removed for cleaning if required. The heads can then be washed with dishwashing liquid and water. It is better not to wash the Jade Roller brackets in water as they will eventually corrode.

This step can be done straight after use before the application of colloidal silver or isopropyl alcohol.

A quick recap of the process is included below.

  1. Spray the Jade Roller with Colloidal silver or isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Allow it dry and return to the silk lined box
  3. Before use spray again with colloidal silver or isopropyl alcohol and allow to dry.

Cleaning the Jade Roller in Clinic

If using the Jade Roller in clinic and planning to reuse the roller on different clients, then the same instructions as for the home user should be applied with additional steps.

If the Jade Rollers are being used in clinic and on a variety of different people then it is often advisable to add the use of a UV sanitiser to the process as a secondary step to ensure maximum hygiene for your clients.

It is important to note - If using the Roller in clinic after any form of invasive treatment that may produce blood then the rollers should never be shared or used on other clients. It may be better in this case to include the Jade Roller in the price of the treatment and allow the customer to keep the roller for home use aftercare.

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