Anti Aging Secrets from the Far East & Derma Rollers  White Lotus

Anti Aging Secrets from the Far East & Derma Rollers

Many of you may be surprised to know that skin needling originates from Ancient China and is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been remarketed and used in a very scientific and clinical way. The derma stamp originates from an acupuncture tool and skin needling is obviously a speciality of acupuncturists.

Using a derma roller according to anti aging acupuncture principles means that you are not only using a method tested for thousands of years, but you can also utilise the acupuncture channels and meridians of the face for maximum anti aging purposes. The white Lotus Clinical directors are expert cosmetic acupuncturists who have run a famous Anti Aging clinic for many years.

The products and techniques featured in the white lotus shop all utilise their knowledge and expertise and are firmly rooted in acupuncture theory. By combing safe gentle skin needling techniques and using topical natural Anti Aging Chinese Herbs, white lotus has created a range of authentic treatments that work and will not harm your body, with no down time. Modern derma roller techniques use invasive, techniques that take 6 weeks for the skin to recover, have many side effects and use toxic chemicals in the process.

By using white Lotus products, techniques you are using them the way they were intended to use and still get fantastic results without any risks. All beauty techniques should enhance your health and beauty. Sadly most modern beauty treatments are quite the opposite. You can visit a trained White Lotus Skin specialist to see the difference!

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