About the Chinese Herbs in our Products  White Lotus

About the Chinese Herbs in our Products

We are constantly being asked about how the Chinese herbs in our products work so I have decided to give a little background on Chinese herbs for beauty.

The Chinese herbal medicine system is the largest and best recorded in the world. Records of using Chinese herbs for Anti Aging go back over 2000 years. The early Chinese had a very different understanding of the human body seeing it as an energetic system rather than a purely physical body based on modern anatomy. As such they ascribed to all the different herbs they used (now over 10,000) an energetic property.

When describing the categories of Chinese herbs you will hear phrases such as dampness drying, fire draining, blood cooling and blood circulating.We use a variety of herbs from these categories in our products. For example Anti Aging Serum - This is principally made up of for the digestion and kidneys combined with some herbs to circulate blood.

The reason for this is that kidneys and digestion are largely responsible for sagging skin and pale and lustreless complexion in Chinese medicine. By activating the acupuncture points on the face with these herbs you can produce rapid results. Some blood circulating herbs are always included to ensure good healthy circulation in the area allowing your body to naturally heal itself. Several of the herbs also 'drain dampness' this is very useful as these herbs help reduce puffiness and swelling in the face though this is not the main purpose of the serum.

This balanced blend of herbs makes it the most useful general serum to be used for a wide variety of purposes from moisturizer, to dermal roller serum, to breast rejuvenation. Useful for - Anti Aging, sagging skin, pale skin, puffiness, moisturizing, mild UV protection, improving results with the dermal roller, breast rejuvenation.

Scar Serum - This is principally made up of herbs from the categories of 'blood circulating' and 'blood cooling' categories. The herbs used to circulate blood in this serum are much stronger than the herbs in the Anti Aging serum and therefore it is much better at really flushing out the skin in the area and in this way helps with the dermal roller to rearrange tissue in the case of scars. The 'blood cooling' herbs are added to help reduce any inflammation or redness in the area, both of which are ascribed to 'blood heat' in Chinese medicine. By combining these 2 categories provides the best overall treatment for scars, stretch marks and cellulite. As the serum is also useful for reducing redness it can benefit redness of the face and acne. It is particularly good for acne as the green tea oil base also does not block the pores like most oils while allowing the herbs to penetrate deeply. Useful for - General scars, caesarean scars, cellulite, stretch marks, acne, rosacea

Hair Restoration Spray - The art of hair restoration is thousands of years old in China both for men and for women particularly after childbirth and as such has developed herbs which are known principally for this purpose. One such herb is called He Shou Wu which is famous across China for restoring both the colour and the thickness of hair.

The other herbs in the spray are mainly from the 'kidney tonic' category as in Chinese medicine the kidneys control the hair on the head. There are also several 'blood tonics' as healthy blood nourishes healthy hair in Chinese medicine. Finally some of you may recognize one common herb in the formula labelled sheng jiang on the bottle this herb is common ginger used externally in Chinese medicine for centuries to warm areas for traumatic injury and arthritis and also to increase blood flow to reduce hair loss.

Useful for - Male pattern baldness, female hair loss I hope you found this article interesting. Chinese herbal medicine is a massive subject and we plan to launch a far larger range in future to make the most of the wonderful resource we have been left in terms of knowledge and amazing results from the pioneers of the largest herbal medicine system in the world.